Daniel and the Walking Trees

Platt Park Church, 1601 S. Clarkson St., Denver

Friday, February 12, 5PM In-person and live streaming Free admission All Ages

RSVP for in-person admission is requested by hosts. https://fat-friday-concert-platt-park-church.pushpayevents.com/booking/attendees/new

Live Stream Link http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001gPJIS-2Kar1wokwtvUBKlmP0uCrwJZWJqk0Eak-x_nl53jT0Et_9YmVq1x8gfPQKBfEHbNJSPMX4NCqaD7RurCNZZ8a0-b3JNbiKfTcFwnt0thoyZfyQ8UM8BQa-O7SwmprfsgsVX6qIIEHxFKi_dw==&c=So4pXUzY-LsfdhS1MIMMZihuzING55zS4IN9WUQ2l_2h26eRabPP7g==&ch=tP_OnC2du8jjAJTJHsNH-X4i0QHvTnCKfAQq-uHeILxVeHeM_WEuOw==

Featuring: - Daniel and the Walking Trees - Charlie Dodrill - 2B3 Trio (Jazz trio -- Mike Abbott/guitar, Jeff Jenkins/B3 organ, Mike Marlier/drums)

From Daniel and the Walking Trees: This is my beloved church, and they've become some of my biggest supporters as I begin to edge back into the life of a musician. Their building has an awesome ambience and acousitcs and it's awesome to play there. Charlie Dodrill is the worship leader and one of my favorite people I know, and Mike (with 2B3 Trio) is maybe the most fluid guitarists I have ever seen. It's a pleasure to share the bill with these great people, and equally great to be hosted by Platt Park Church. Hope to see you there!

Description from venue hosts Fat Tuesday is celebrated the day before Lent begins. At Platt Park Church we are kicking off the start to Lent with a Fat Friday Concert featuring a few of the amazing musicians in our church community. Join us online for this fabulous concert!

Admission is free. Click here to RSVP for in-person